1 2 3 The Devil’s After Me

August 1, 2009

1 2 3 The Devil’s After Me is the spellbinding story of a young man’s right of passage into a world that would be less than welcoming. It is the story of disappointment, disillusionment and darkness so deep that, to find a pinhole of light meant almost losing himself to the darkness. Growing up in the small port community of Los Angeles did not prepare him for the journey of self-discovery and self-hate that almost destroyed him. Hoping to find peace, true love and acceptance, he runs headlong into a place no one should go – he runs into a partner that he can describe only as the devil. As he falls under his spell, he begins the fight of his life and goes into battle with the forces of evil. It is a story of abuse and escape. “I happened to have fallen in love with the devil; I saw his horns, I recognized his tail, I even heard his voice and even though I knew from his appearance he was the devil, I asked him to love me, forgetting that he has no ability to love but only to destroy.”



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August 1, 2009

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